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  • 02.26.2023 Latest standings (2/25) are posted! Thanks, Peggy McCallum league score keeper!
  • 02.15.2023: From Marie Lemme and Lesa Rizzolo Closing Day Chairs:

    Mark your calendars. Closing Day is scheduled for April 14th, 6:00-9:00pm at Glenview Prairie Club.  More details to follow.

  • 01.27.2023 There is an updated Winter Availability list (Thanks, Jo Ann Seager and captains!)
  • 01.24.2023 ***  Important: Club Change 3/18/2023 ****
  • ORANGE and YELLOW teams please note:
  • Saturday, 3/18/23–  Scheduled: Winnetka
  •                                     Change to: Prairie Club
  • 01.10.2023. *** Important: Club Change 1/28/23 ****
  • RED and ORANGE teams please note:
  • Saturday, 1/28/23–  Scheduled: Westmoreland
  •                                     Change to: Winnetka
  • Thanks so much! Maggie Crane
  •  01.08.2023
    • Week 9 Standings have been posted on the Standings tab. Thanks Peggy McCallum, League Scorekeeper and Captains!
    • The Winter Availability List is posted (right column links under players). Thanks, Jo Ann Seager (CC) and Captains!
    • Updated Sub Roster is posted. Thanks,  Prez Maggie Crane!
  • 01.02.2023 Happy New Year!
    • A reminder that for this Winter half of the season, courts 3&4 play at the earlier time (match start at 1:00) and courts 1&2 play at the later time (match start at 2:30)
    • Please read this note from the board about Match Timing and scoring :
    • Match Timing:
      In the Board’s attempt to make things easier by changing the start times this year, we have unfortunately created a bit of confusion.  Please read these notes so we’re all on the same page for the second half of the season.
      1:00 Match Time
       * For 1:00 matches, please try to arrive around 12:45, and if courts are open, warm up. Begin actual play no later than 1:15pm.
       * If you have not finished your match (have only played 2 sets and need a third) by 2:15/2:20, you have the following options.
              a) play a 10-point tie breaker (first team to 10 points – must win by 2).
              b) if another court is available, move and finish your match
              c) end play if all players agree to split the points.
      Any of these options are fine, but you MUST relinquish your court at 2:30.
      2:30 Match Time
      * For 2:30 matches, please try to arrive around 2:15 to warm up if courts are available. If not, please warm up at 2:30 and begin match play no later than 2:45.
      * As above, if it is getting close to 4:00 you can
             a) do a 10-point tie breaker
             b) if courts are available, finish your match on another court
             c) end play and agree to split the points.
       Please remember that the courts have been donated by the Clubs and we must go along with their wishes! If a member has reserved a court at 4:00, you must relinquish the court.
      There is always the chance that the match runs long. Since it is impossible to know that beforehand, we ask that you fully commit your time. Please don’t leave early because you have plans…… just get a sub if you know you absolutely must be done by a certain time. I hope this “cheat sheet” will clear up any existing confusion. If you have questions, please contact me, Jo Ann Seager, or Maggie Crane.
      – If you decide to play a 10-point tie breaker to settle a 1-set-each match, the tie breaker counts as the 3rd set.  Points awarded will be 3 to the winner and 1 to the runner up.
      – If you decide to split points to settle a 1-set-each match, each team will receive 1.5 points.

 General Notes :

  • Reminder: Please remember to fill out your Match Log weekly to make it easy at the end of the season to do your peer rankings!
  • Reminder: Please respond to emails either way when asked if you can sub. Thank you!
  • Note : There is no log in required for this site.  When you access the rosters you will be prompted for a password.  Enter the one provided by your captain (hint: fun). On an iPhone/iPad, it will first ask what you want to Open it with, you can choose iBooks and then you will see the password prompt.

Questions? Email Maggie at nswwptlpresident@gmail.com