Key Rule Diffs between Platform Tennis and Traditional Tennis
Sub Rules
Goal of the League
Match Times
Weather Policy
Ranking Process

SUB RULES: People join the group because they like to play… We have 12 people on each team…with a minimum of 3 people able to play each court to give the captain some flexibility in scheduling… Because people LIKE to play… and most are eligible to play 2 courts… the FIRST STEP is to alert your captain in the event the captain would like to make any changes in court assignments to allow a team member to sub for the team!
Next, check to see if a regular player that not scheduled for her own team is available.
Next, the SUB LIST… and finally…. Because the league is For FUN, Friendly PADDLE….NO ONE wants a default…. As a LAST RESORT, you are allowed to get someone outside the league. Please have it approved by your captain and the captain coordinator by Friday at noon.

GOAL OF THE LEAGUE: The goal of the league is to provide members with FUN – FRIENDLY – Competitive Paddle!

Note in your book, facing the Sub Roster are some general procedures….including the Sub Process… Please review, especially as a new member. There are some changes this year, so everyone should review Match Time and Sub Process.

MATCH TIME: We have the courts beginning at 1:00…   you should report to the hut by 1:00 for you court assignments, and begin the official warm-up…  FIRST SERVE is to occur no later than 1:15 or the team that is not ready will graciously default. If there are two defaults for excessive lateness or no-shows by the same member, the member will be kicked out of the league…
YES – we’re all about Fun and Friendly, but we are ALL busy people… We must respect other’s schedules too. It’s NOT FUN for three of the 4 people to be waiting… and waiting. It’s NOT FUN for the second shift to start late, and have their match run into their evening plans. Don’t be late, and DON’T be a no show!

WEATHER POLICY: Please review the weather policy, listed as number 4 in the General Procedures. Paddle is played in rain, cold and snow. Expectations should be that you WILL have a match on match days.

RANKING PROCESS: Some of you have questions about the ranking process. Our ranking process is designed simply to help provide all the players with the best/most fun match possible. Players are ranked 1 12 21 2 23 32 3 34 43 4. Players are listed alphabetically within the court levels. It is important to stay within the guidelines so that the play is competitive.
Please note there is a page in the booklet for you to take notes on your matches so you can make meaningful comments at the end of the year!!!!